Century is able offer the complete process of Austemper/Harden & Temper, plating and De-embrittlement treatment. This can save valuable time, resources and cost. The plating of heat treated work is often troublesome and prone to plating problems and poor finishes. We can offer the resolution to these problems by having the responsibility for all the processes.

Austempering is the process of quenching carbon steels at a rate that permits the formation of Bainite. The key results of this method are the significant increase in ductility and the reduction of distortion during quenching. These benefits mean that thin section, or spring components are particularly suited to Austempering.

Our Vickers and Rockwell hardness testing equipment is calibrated to the UKAS accredited standards, as also are all our temperature control instruments, furthermore we have a laboratory for macro and micro examination of case depth penetration. We give certification with every job and our BS EN ISO 9001 Certificate is available to download from our home page or can be emailed if requested. We also offer a collection and delivery service within the West Midlands area.

If you are in need of further assistance or technical help for this service or any of our other services please give us a call and one of our team will be pleased to help. As our name implies we have a wealth of experience within our team to draw from.

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