Century offers Bright Nickel plating of the highest quality, we have the experience and techniques that allow us to overcome difficult jobs in order to maintain this high quality even where other fail! We specialise in offering nickel in a multilayer situation where it can be applied over a copper under coat for a high lustrous bright finish or a very ductile covering, as well as being used as an under coat for a highly lustrous bright brass finish.

Bright Nickel is usually a decorative finish that is commonly used by the electrical, clothing, fastening, and leather industries just to name a few. We have De-embrittlement ovens to prevent hydrogen embrittlement when applied to high tensile fixings, nuts and bolts.

We are able to offer precise plating control using our Fisherscope X-Ray coating measurement instrument and computer which will quickly accurately report exact deposit of nickel.

We at Century are able to offer an excellent quality finish and fast turnaround with small batches often completed in several hours when customers request this service, we also offer a collection and delivery service within the West Midlands area and often able to offer a 24 hour turnaround.

If you are in need of further assistance or technical help this this service or any of our other services please give us a call and one of our team will be please to help, as our name implies we have a wealth of experience within our team to draw from.

All our work is certified to our ISO 9001; 2008 approval and a further XRF results report can accompany batches if requested.

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