Century is a Birmingham based company that operates Cyanide carburising salt baths for case hardening which enables us to offer not just carburising and case hardening, but also selective and end hardening where components are suspended into salt bath. This process allows long or delicate parts to have their working area hardened without affecting the whole length that may become brittle or distort if completely treated.

Cyanide salt bath carburising is probably the only method that can guarantee complete and consistent case depths within a batch due to its unique fluid carburising molten salts that become very searching at carburising temperatures, even to the point where they will carburise into material cracks and defects. This benefit is further enhanced by the quenching method that allows individual parts to fall freely through any quench media that is desired to give very consistent optimum hardening characteristics for individual steels.

At Century we can offer the following quench media;

  • Oil
  • Water
  • Brine
  • Polymer/suds

The above benefits are very useful when dealing with very small turned parts and have yet to come across any parts that are too small for us to case harden. We also have on site plating facilities that complement the type of work that we case harden and coupled with our de-embrittlement facilities means we could offer a complete service under one roof, full control and quick process times.

Our Vickers and Rockwell hardness testing equipment is calibrated to the UKAS accredited standards, as also are all our temperature control instruments, furthermore we have a laboratory for macro and micro examination of case depth penetration. We give certification with every job and our BS EN ISO 9001 Certificate is available to download from our home page or can be emailed if requested.

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